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Silvio's diario
She will be with the angels
Non voglio parlare oggi....


AGI) - Milan, Jan. 18. - An emotional Silvio Berlusconi made his way to his mother's house in Milan. She has been sick for some time: "She is passing away, but in a serene manner. There is always one of us by her side. She is still telling us beautiful things: 'don't worry, I'm certain that I'm going to paradise, I will keep on protecting and praying for you. Such is life and I've made it to the end: I have led a difficult life but received ample repayment". Speaking of his 97-year-old mother, Berlusconi said that "She is the one that gave us support and this shows you what kind of a person she really is.
She is passing away by the day, but she is serene".

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