April 3rd, 2009


The Queen and I are great friends

Elisabetta was certainly not annoyed with me, as those lying reporters are saying. She knows that we Italians are a big-hearted people and we do everything on a grand scale, even talking. Why else are all the world's greatest opera singers Italians? *sniffs* If poor Giorgio had still been with us, he probably would have been there rubbing her shoulders, wouldn't he, Angie, and then what would people have been saying? Why do Americans have to touch everyone, anyway? La bella signora Obama was completely rude, but does anyone say anything about that? No! Niente! Only poor Silvio is castigated and chastised by the world's press. And then there was Niccolo piccolo gloating and winking at me throughout the entire G20 meeting.... Certo, Nico, certo, I know exactly what you've been up to, don't think I don't! *says something unprintable below his breath in Italian*
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